CHAYSES BOYS BOOK CLUB - changing the narrative, literally!

Founded in 2016, CHAYSES BOYS BOOK CLUB was set up by Mel in response to a lack of extra curricular academic and social activities for young boys in the community. We provide books and educational resources to encourage our members to read, learn and bond with their peers in a fun and safe environment, increasing their literacy and confidence levels, whilst deterring them from engaging in anti-social behaviour.

Research shows that reading for pleasure can promote better health and wellbeing, aids in building social connections and relationships with others and is associated with a range of factors that help increase the chances of social mobility.

We also organise and take our young kings on educational trips pan-London and further afield to Oxford and Cambridge universities, Houses of Parliament and various museums to broaden their academic horizons, as well as partnering with corporate institutions including Microsoft and ITV to inspire their future career aspirations.